Wellness Renewed – Endocrine & Lymphatic Support Consultation

There are various hormones that help regulate our bodies. The Lymphatic System is essential for keeping a hormonal balance and overall health. Hormonal balance is necessary to avoid other health issues. Sometimes the lymphatic system can cause hormonal imbalance.

Common problems involving the lymphatic system can be separated into those related to:

  • infection
  • disease
  • destruction or damage to the lymphatic system or its nodes.

Those related to infection include:

  • glandular fever – symptoms include tender lymph nodes
  • tonsillitis – infection of the tonsils in the throat
  • Crohn’s disease – inflammatory bowel disorder.

Those related to disease include:

  • Hodgkin’s disease – a type of cancer of the lymphatic system.

Those related to malformation or destruction or damage to the lymphatic system or its nodes include:

  • primary lymphoedema – when the lymphatic system has not formed properly. May present as a limb or part body swelling at birth, or may develop at puberty or later in life
  • secondary lymphoedema – When the lymphatic system is damaged by surgery or radiotherapy associated with the treatment of cancer, when the soft tissues are damaged by trauma, or when the lymphatic system has some other cause of structural or functional impairment.

The Endocrine System controls every process of the body including stress responses, energy, metabolism, immunity, and sugar balance. The lymphatic system is a key component of your immune system. The lymphatic system also helps circulate fluids, proteins, hormones, and immune cells throughout the body that are vital to maintaining total body well-being and balance. When the endocrine and lymphatic systems are out of balance, they can impact our ability to perform normal daily activities.

This consultation will provide you with a personalized protocol that fits your specifics needs in helping you achieve optimal results. At the end of your 1-hour consultation, you will be fully equipped to start your journey to better health.

    • The Consultation includes a 1-hour Wellness Session with a Health Coach.
    • Recommendations based on your own personal health history, recent blood and/or lab work (if available), and health pattern
    • Physician grade supplements recommendation
    • Dietary/Lifestyle plans
    • Tailored protocol
    • Email support

This Wellness Consultation is a Virtual Consultation and can be scheduled at the Physical Wellness Center – Winter Haven, FL.

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