Acid Free Vitamin C 1,000 mg – 60 Vegan Tabs

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C Vitamins
With its powerful antioxidant activity, vitamin C plays an important role in providing cellular protection throughout the body, supporting immune, skin, cardiovascular and overall health. Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that needs to be replenished daily because it is unable to be stored by the body. It can be challenging for those who have a sensitive digestive system to ingest higher amounts of vitamin C. Our Acid-Free Vitamin C product does not contain free ascorbic acids, providing an option for those with a sensitive stomach. Our non-acidic Vitamin C is delivered as calcium ascorbate in an alkalizing base of buffering minerals with an additional blend of rose hips and several key bioflavonoids to maximize the effects of Vitamin C while offering a gentle formula. Our Acid-Free C product is available in a high potency 1000 mg Vitamin C tablet formulated to be gentle and easy to digest for those who cannot tolerate the acidic form of Vitamin C.


  • No GMO (not bioengineered)
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • High potency 1,000 mg Vitamin C in an alkalizing mineral and botanical blend
  • Unique Specification: pH value of 7 or higher (neutral to alkaline)
  • Zinc for additional immunity support
  • Dairy-Free | Allergen-Free
  • Convenient tablet form
Vitamin C 1000mg 60 Veg Tablets in a brown glass bottle.

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