Activated K2 – 60 Vegan Caps

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Bone Health & Calcium

Vitamin K2 consists of 10 different vitamin subtypes (menaquinones) that are designated as MK-4 through MK-14. Small amounts of MK-4 can be consumed from meat and cheese as well as synthesized from vitamin K1 by intestinal bacteria; MK-7 is found in natto, a fermented soy food. Because good dietary sources of K2 are limited, and because conversion of K1 to K2 in the intestine can be insufficient, poor vitamin K2 status is common.

  • 75 mcg of Mixed Menaquinones, including MK-7, which is thought to be the best supplemental form of vitamin K2 by having unique effects on vascular and bone biology.
  • 250 mg of GLA Activation Complex consisting of choline and glutamic acid.
  • Choline supports liver health and function where most vitamin K activity and metabolism occurs.
  • Glutamic acid provides an additional substrate for the activities of K2 and the enzyme gamma-glutamyl-carboxylase, to aid in the full activation of vitamin K-dependent proteins.
  • Suggested use: Take one capsule with a meal or as directed by your health care professional.

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