Balanced Plant Protein Blend – Natural Chocolate Flavor – 13.8 oz

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Protein Powders

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for maintaining good health; it’s a part of every cell in the human body and helps to build and maintain connective tissues, bones, blood cells, skin, muscles, organs, and DNA. However, it is not so easy for many of us to obtain proper amounts from our diets. Athletes, pregnant woman, the elderly, young children, and those who eat poorly planned vegan diets are at increased risk for too low of a protein intake that does not meet daily needs. Research also shows that in the general population diets higher in healthy lean protein help with satiety and weight management. In decades past, supplementing a diet with extra protein was left to the bodybuilders. Today, consumers have begun giving credence to scientific data indicating the importance of high-quality protein in the diet, and the marketplace for all proteins is expanding particularly for non-soy plant proteins as consumers with food allergies, health concerns, and certain ethical points of view are aware of the potential benefits these types of protein provide.

  • Natural chocolate flavor from the cocoa bean
  • Non-GMO sources
  • Vegan
  • Soy-free

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