BiEstro-Care Body Cream

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Formulated with two kinds of estrogen. One press of the pre-measured pump provides 1 mg of USP Estriol and 0.25 mg of USP Estradiol, an 80/20 ratio, designed to help support a healthy balance at midlife so you feel calm and centered, and at your best. Apply once or twice daily by dispensing one pump into your palm and rubbing cream onto the skin of your chest, abdomen, inner arms, or thighs, rotating areas each time. Use three weeks on and one week off each month.

Formulated with shea butter and sunflower oil, our cream is gentle, non-sticky and quickly absorbed, leaving skin softer and perfectly hydrated. BiEstro-Care contains no parabens, artificial colors or fragrances and comes in an airtight pump, designed to keep the product fresher.

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