Ultimate Candida Complex – 60 Caps

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Detox & Cleansing
Candida is a type of fungi living in and on the human body. It is typically found in small amounts in the mouth and intestines and on the skin.

Usually, the healthy bacteria in your body keep Candida levels under control, but when it begins to grow uncontrollably and healthy bacteria levels are disrupted or the immune system is compromised, it can cause an infection known as candidiasis.

Taking antibiotics, eating a diet high in sugar, drinking excessive alcohol, taking oral contraceptives, having diabetes, or being under a lot of stress will compromise the immune system, which creates an atmosphere for unhealthy bacteria.

Candidiasis can cause various health problems such as tiredness and fatigue, recurring genital or urinary tract infections, digestive issues, sinus infections, skin and nail fungal infections, joint pain, lack of focus, brain fog, and oral thrush.

MyND Ultimate Candida Complex formula is one of the best on the market!

Oregano Leaf contains oleuropein, a powerful anti-fungal, that is extremely effective in overcoming candidiasis. It doesn’t just kill the candida fungus but also strengthens the body so that it can resist the infection. Oregano oil contains significant amounts of phenols and flavonoids, with carvacrol and thymol being the most potent.

Caprylic Acid is excellent at breaking down the walls of candida cells. Other ingredients, such as Cellulase, discourage yeast overgrowth in the gut.

Probiotic such as Protease and Lactobacillus are needed to prevent overgrowth of the candida and to balance the GI tract.

MyND Ultimate Candida Complex is a safe, effective, and gentle approach to maintaining a healthy balance of microflora throughout the digestive tract.

Take 2 capsules daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

This product is Non-GMO & Gluten-Free.

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