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pH Balancing – Oxygen Producing – High Energy Concentration

  • Proprietary Blend contains dissolved oxygen
  • Minerals
  • Aminos acids
  • Enzymes

Cell Power® is a high-energy concentrate that is added to your own drinking water. This bottle makes over 45 quarts, and is perfect for families, pet owners, and anyone who is taking the therapeutic adult dosage of 30 drops per day.

Just add 1 drop for every 2 fl. oz. pure drinking water, and Power Up your cells!

  • The discovery of Cell Power® in 1949 in Colorado was a great blessing for the world. Since then, the formula and process that created it have been safeguarded and preserved.
  • Today Cell Power® is created from the power of nature, just as it was more than sixty years ago. It is derived from beets, grapes, and pure vegetable protein that has been ionized in a natural process that uses the power and energy of the sun.
  • Cell Power® is a dietary supplement, a liquid super-food that many people talk about as if it were a medicine or a remedy. It is easy to forget the powerful effect that an ultra-pure, concentrated food source can have when supporting the human body in its natural processes.
  • Cell Power® is that type of food, allowing the body to regain its natural balance of healing and wellness.
  • Because Cell Power® can assist the body in performing all the functions necessary to heal naturally, it is unique among supplements.

The five areas that it helps more than any other supplement are:

  1. Improves assimilation and absorption of all nutrients and supplements
  2. Balances pH faster than any other supplement on the market
  3. Boosts immune system response
  4. Improves breathing and respiratory challenges
  5. Speeds healing inside and out

Cellpower Proprietary Blend contains dissolved oxygen using deuterium sulfate technology. …… Vitamins Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin B-1 Vitamin E Vitamin B-2 Biotin Vitamin B-3 Choline Vitamin B-6 Folic Acid Vitamin B-12 Inositol Vitamin C Pantothenic Acid Minerals Calcium Magnesium Potassium Nickel Iron Phosphorus Zinc Selenium Manganese Silicon Iodine Copper Chromium Molybdenum Sodium Metabolic Enzymes Hydrolases, Carbohydrases Maltase Sucrase Emulsin Nucleases Polynucleotidase Nucleotidase Amidases Urease Peptidases Aminopolypeptidase Dipeptidase Prolinase Esterases Lipase Phosphotases Sulfatases Iron Enzymes Catalase Cytochrome Oxidase Peroxidase Copper Enzymes Tyrosinase Ascorbic Acid Oxidase Enzymes Containing Coenzymes 1 and/or 2 Lactic Dehydrogenase Robison Ester Dehydrogenase Enzymes which reduce sytochrome Sucoinic Dehydrogenase Yellow Enzymes Warburg’s Old Yellow Enzymes Diaphorase Haas Enzyme Cytochrome C Reductase Hydrases Fumarase Enolase Mutases Aldehyde Mutase Glyoxalase Desmolases Zymohexase (Adlolase) Carboxylase Other Enzymes Phosphorylase Phosphohexoisomerase Hexokinase Phosphoglumutase Amino Acids Alanine Arginine Aspartic Acid Cystine Glutamic Acid Glycine Histidine Isoleucine Leucine Lysine Methionine Phenylalanine Proline Serine Threonine Tryptophane Tyrosine Valine Electrolytes

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