Mega Vitality Complex – 90 Tabs

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Multi-Vitamins & Minerals

My Nature’s Delight Specially Formulated Mega Vitality Complex is a multi-vitamin complex designed to maintain a healthy body and mind. Specially designed to keep you energized so you can get through any exhausting day. This supercharged multi-vitamin mineral complex promotes healthy and sustained energy that lasts all day.

Our Specially Formulated Mega Vitality Complex is a beneficial supplement to add to your daily routine. Some benefits include:

Increased Energy Levels
Enhanced Stamina
Improved Mental Focus
Improved Cognitive Function
Optimizes Adrenal Glands
Stronger Immunity
Reduces Fatigue
Decreases Pain
Healthy Eye Function
Strong Bones
Glowing Skin

We’ve combined powerful active ingredients: vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and phytonutrients. Packed with a 42 Fruit & Vegetable proprietary blend, an enzyme complex, and trace mineral complex to help your digestion and helps eliminate severe tiredness and keep your body and brain awake, alert, and energized for hours.

If you work long shifts, suffer from fatigue, low energy levels, or simply want to put a pep in your step then Mega Vitality Complex is for you!

Vegan Friendly
Vegetarian Formula
Gluten Free

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