Valerian Root 125 mg with Passion Flower – 100 Vegan Tabs

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Relaxation & Stress

Valerian root is known as Valeriana officinalis, a natural alternative promoting relaxation and a good night’s rest. Passion flower is a perennial vine containing white and purple flowers and orange berries. The areas of the plant that grow above ground have traditionally been dried and used as an herb. The herb has been shown to have a mild sedative or anti-anxiety properties – making it widely used for its calming effects on the body. It is also recognized for aiding in the prevention of muscle spasms and possibly nausea brought upon by nervousness or anxiety. Passion flower is a popular product for those looking for a natural way to promote rest and relaxation. When valerian, passion flower, and Magnesium are combined, this product provides optimal calming support. Magnesium is an essential electrolyte mineral involved in maintaining proper cardiovascular, nerve, and muscle health. Our product conforms to the mode of administration as established by the German Commission E monograph and contains valerian extract powder from the highest grade whole root.

  • Concentrated formula
  • Magnesium and passion flower included for superior calming support
  • Popular among those traveling to different time zones
  • Easier to digest and more bioavailable than plain herb powder
  • Promotes relaxation and a good nights rest
  • Sourced from the highest grade whole root
  • SUGGESTED USE: Take one tablet daily with 8 oz warm water one hour prior to bedtime.

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